Travel: Burning issues

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I SPOTTED a good safety notice on the back of the door in my room at the Hotel Regina in Roscoff, France: 'If fire breaks out in your room and you cannot control it: leave your room and shut the door. Follow the special signs and warm the reception desk . . . .' Presumably, only if the reception desk isn't already on fire.

Michael Schweitzer of Llantwit Major, South Glamorgan, says that a hotel in the French town of Laon had this fire instruction: 'In case of fire in your room, keep your temper, don't shout fire; warn the boots (or the chambermaid, or the direction of the hotel). If you hear the alarm to evacuate the hotel, leave quickly your room, shut the door, go downstairs (on the left, on the right) without losing your temper and get out of the hotel.' All clear?

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