Facts and figures from the wide world of tourism
Proportion of tourists visiting Wales whose overnight accommodation is the sleeper cab of a truck: 2 per cent.

Number of people employed in travel and tourism, 1992: 192 million. Number predicted for 2005: 305 million.

Percentage of Air New Zealand flights that are non-smoking: 89.

Stretch of Bournemouth beach that is non-smoking: 100 metres.

Europe's top tour operators (turnover in million DM): TUI (Germany, 5,000); NUR (Germany, 3,150); Thomson (UK, 2,800).

In February 1994, the arrival figures in the United States increased from only one European country: Belgium, by 0.3 per cent.

The world's shortest flight is BA8872 from Westray to Papa Westray in Scotland. The journey time is two minutes (90 seconds on a good day) and the fare is pounds 11. There is no inflight catering or film.

Price of a Cuba Libre (rum and Coke) in the Habana Libre hotel (formerly the Havana Hilton): $3.

Average monthly salary in Cuba: $5.

Proportion of world's heritage located within the frontiers of Egypt: one-third.

Top European cities for hosting conventions since 1980: Paris (407); London (185); Brussels (184); Vienna (161).

Number of hotel rooms in ... Paris - 70,000; Hotel Rossiya, Moscow - 6,000; Vatican City - nil.

Characteristics of average passenger in British Airways' Club Europe: 42-year-old male, on a journey of three days or less.

Amount earned by British Airways per second: pounds 12,000.

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