AFTER a drubbing in these columns in recent weeks, Corfu airport fights back. George Doukas, president of the Association of Corfu Travel Agents, admits that the island's airport 'does have its problems', but that my report 'was heavily exaggerated'.

'The airport copes with 215 flight arrivals per week. Friday, the day that Mr Barrett mentions, is one of the busiest of the week and caters to around 40 flights, which is certainly higher than an 'average' day. There were five people, not one, 'sticking bags on the conveyor belt' leading to two carousels, not one.

'Serious work is currently under way on the new terminal, which, although not fully completed, will be operational by 31 December to accommodate the EC Summit due to be held in Corfu in June 1994.

'I hope the above will satisfy you in your completely unjust award of the worst airport in the Mediterranean to Corfu.'