A silly season of cheap air fares has begun across the North Atlantic, particularly on London-New York flights.

'Capacity has increased and airlines are offloading seats for whatever they can get, especially on flights at less sociable hours,' says Trevor Worth, North America specialist for discount agency Quest Worldwide (081-547 3322).

For travel in November, he is selling British Airways' morning Gatwick-JFK flight for pounds 205 return including all taxes. There is no supplement for weekend travel - the only rule is that you must stay in New York over a Saturday night. Business travellers who cannot meet this condition could use unrestricted tickets with Kuwait Airways for pounds 196 or Air India for pounds 210.

Bargains to Canada are rarer, but get in before 2 November and you can travel to Toronto and back for pounds 262. BA will even throw in a connecting shuttle flight to Heathrow from Belfast, Glasgow or Manchester. A surcharge of pounds 10 each way applies to travel on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

None of these deals is valid for outbound travel beyond mid-December, and transatlantic fares around Christmas will be much higher.