COULD yellow headlight paint (Departures, 11 July) - used by British motorists when they travel to France - actually be a road hazard?

Mr M S A Wilson, of Lymington, Hampshire, says that he had trouble for some years with other drivers in France flashing their lights at him in sunny weather, apparently believing the yellow painted headlights of his Citroen were lit.

'Last year we were involved in a collision with a driver who crossed a main road in our path, and afterwards claimed that he thought we were turning off the main road. Although he accepted liability, I was left wondering whether sunlight on a yellow painted headlight may have been mistaken for a trafficator and thus unexpectedly contributed slightly to the accident.'

Alan Reekie writes to point out that changes in French legislation will allow the use of clear glass headlights - but will not make them obligatory. 'So it is likely that yellow lamps will be seen in France for many years more]'