Travel: Departures: New world-beater

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CAMPUS Travel (071-730 8111) has a new round-the- world itinerary, which uses Qantas and British Airways flights: London to Singapore, surface travel to Bangkok, flight to Denpasar in Bali, flight to Perth, surface travel to Sydney, flight to Auckland, flight to Tahiti, flight to Los Angeles, surface travel to New York, flight to London. The ticket costs pounds 773.

For travel between Singapore and Bangkok, Campus suggests Malaysian and Thai rail passes. It estimates that accommodation plus meals will cost about pounds 10 a day. For travel from Perth to Sydney, Campus recommends an Australian Greyhound bus pass which costs from pounds 150. For travel from Los Angeles to New York, Campus can sell a Greyhound bus pass from pounds 50 for four days, or a three-coupon Delta airpass for pounds 241.