Travel Departures: Sudan warning

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THE Foreign Office travel advice unit (071-270 4129) is 'strongly advising' British nationals not to visit parts of southern Sudan, where a civil war has been fought since 1983. Travellers should contact the British Embassy in Khartoum (010 249 11 70760) before visiting neighbouring provinces.

Travellers to Croatia in former Yugoslavia are warned that only northern Croatia, west of the line from Bijelovar to Kutina, Zagreb city centre, the Istrian peninsula, the Adriatic islands and part of the north coast from the Slovenia border to Senj are considered safe.

'But there remains a risk of a rapid deterioration of security even in these areas.' says the FO unit.

Visitors are advised to listen to the BBC and to consult the British Embassy in Zagreb (010 385 41 340 411).