THE MOST popular books among student travellers:

1. Work Your Way around the World by Susan Griffith (Vacation Work, pounds 8.95).

2. The Traveller's Handbook: The essential guide for every traveller (Wexas Publications, pounds 11.95).

3. Cycling Europe: Budget bike touring by Nadine Slavinski (Bicycle Books, pounds 8.95).

4. The Insider's Guide to Air Courier Bargains: How to travel worldwide for next to nothing by Kelly Monahan (Inwood Training Publications, pounds 10.95).

5. The Busker's Guide to Europe by Stewart Ferris (Summersdale Press, pounds 5.95).

6. Teenager's Vacation Guide to Work, Study and Adventure: Britain and abroad by Victoria Pybus (Vacation Work, pounds 6.95).

7. The Virgin Now Boarding: A globe trotter's guide to health, sex and survival by Anne McPherson and Aidan Macfarlane (Arrow, pounds 3.99).

8. The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Oceans: Crewing around the world by Alison Muir Bennet and Clare Davis (Adlard Coles, pounds 7.95).

9. The Stormrider Guide: Europe surfing (Low Pressure Publication, pounds 14.95).

10. Euro Slang: The practical guide to boozing and bonking from Mykonos to Malaga by Roger Hutchinson (Mainstream Publishing, pounds 4.99).

Information supplied by the Travellers' Bookshop, 25 Cecil Court, London WC2H 4EZ (071-836 9132).