THE 10 best-selling books on cycling around Britain are:

1. Breathing Space: Bike Rides within easy reach of London by Patrick Field (Two Heads, pounds 7.99)

2. Cycle Tours: 24 one-day routes in Kent, Surrey and Sussex (Ordnance Survey, pounds 9.99)

3. England by Bike: 18 Tours geared for Discovery by Les Woodland (Cordee, pounds 9.95).

4. Bicycle Breaks: between London and the Sea by Martin Ryle (Impact Books, pounds 5.95)

5. County Rides: 30 Rides in 13 Counties by Simon Shaw and Anna Pond (Two Wheels, pounds 8.99)

6. Off the Road: 20 Rides for Mountain Bikes in Central Southern England by Phil Baker (Dovecote, pounds 4.95)

7. Great Cycle Tours of Great Britain by Tim Hughes (Ward Lock, pounds 9.99)

8. Cycling in the Cotswolds by Stephen Hill (Sigma, pounds 6.95)

9. The Cumbria Cycle Way by Roy Walker and Ron Jarvis (Cicerone, pounds 5.99)

10. All-Purpose Road Map to Norfolk (Goldeneye, pounds 3.95)

Information supplied by the Travellers' Bookshop, 25 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ (071-836 9132)