THE top 10 best-selling books for gay and lesbian travellers:

1. Spartacus Guide for Gay Men (Bruno Gmunder, pounds 16.95)

2. New York Scene (Gay Men's Press, pounds 5.95)

3. Are You Two Together? by Lindsay van Gelder and Pamela Robin Brandt (Virago, pounds 7.99)

4. Rough Guide to Greece (Penguin, pounds 9.99)

5. Ferrari's Places for Women (Ferrari, pounds 7.95)

6. Bob Dameron's Address Book (Bob Dameron Publishing, pounds 9.95)

7. Los Angeles Scene (Gay Men's Press, pounds 5.95)

8. Rough Guide to San Francisco (Penguin, pounds 9.99)

9. Spartacus Guide: Spain (Bruno Gmunder, pounds 11.95)

10. Ferrari's Places for Men (Ferrari, pounds 7.95)

Information supplied by Gay's The Word Bookshop, 66 Marchmont St, London WC1N 1AB (071-278 7654).