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BOOKS for those dreaming of sunshine:

1. A Winter in Arabia (Arrow, pounds 5.99) by Freya Stark

2. If the sun doesn't kill you the washing machine will: or my real life in the Middle East. . . (Kyle Cathie Ltd, pounds 9.99) by Peter Wood

3. Where the Indus is Young: Winter in Baltistan (Arrow, pounds 5.99) by Dervla Murphy

4. Sunset House: More Perfume from Provence (Black Swan, pounds 5.99) by Lady Fortescue

5. Sunrise with Seamonsters (Penguin, pounds 5.99) by Paul Theroux

6. Gardens of the Sun: Naturalist's Journal of Borneo and the Sulu Archipelago (Oxford University Press, pounds 25) by F Burbidge

7. Under the Sun: by bike from Cheshire to Cape Town (Tynron Press, pounds 9.99) by Steven Livingston

8. Sun Between their Feet: Collected African stories (Flamingo, pounds 5.99) by Doris Lessing

9. As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning (Penguin, pounds 4.99) by Laurie Lee

10. Riding North One Summer (Chatto & Windus, pounds 13.95) by Bettina Selby

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