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The year's best-selling Rough Guides:

1. Spain ( pounds 9.99) by Mark Ellingham and John Fisher

2. Paris ( pounds 7.99) by Kate Baillie and Tim Salmon

3. USA ( pounds 12.99) by Sam Cook, Jamie Jensen, Tim Perry and Greg Ward

4. Australia ( pounds 12.99) by Margo Daly, Anna Dehne, David Leffman and Chris Scott

5. France ( pounds 9.99) by Kate Baillie and Tim Salmon

6. Italy ( pounds 12.99) by Ros Belford, Martin Dunford and Celia Wolfrey

7. Czech & Slovak Republics ( pounds 8.99) by Rob Humphreys

8. Greece ( pounds 9.99) by Mark Ellingham, Marc Dubin, Natania Jansz and John Fisher

9. Cyprus ( pounds 8.99) by Marc Dubin

10. Tuscany and Umbria ( pounds 8.99) by Jonathan Buckley, Tim Jepson and Mark Ellingham

Rough Guides is planning a new edition of Women Travel: Adventures, Advice and Experiences. The editors, Natania Jansz and Miranda Davies, are looking for contributors. If you've just returned from a stint of solo travel and think you can muster up to 4,000 words of interest to other women then send a large SAE for guidelines to: Women Travel 2, c/o Rough Guides, 1 Mercer Street, London WC2H 9QL.