Best-selling Australian guides:

1. Australia: The Rough Guide (Penguin, pounds 12.99) by Margo Daly, Anne Dehne, David Lessman and Chris Scott

2. Sydney City Guide (Lonely Planet, pounds 4.95) by Barbara Whiter

3. Outback Australia Handbook (Moon Publications, pounds 9.95)

4. Breaking Loose: England to Australia by Bike (The Ernest Press, pounds 9.50) by Dave Cook

5. The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds (Weldon, pounds 15.95)

6. Readers Digest Book of the Great Barrier Reef (Readers Digest, pounds 21.95)

7. Australian Bare Facts: A Guide to Australia's Nude Resorts & Beaches (Les & Jan Hotchkin, pounds 7.99)

8. South West Tasmania: A Guide Book for Bushwalkers (J Chapman, pounds 9.95) by John Chapman

9. Wonderful Animals of Australia Pop-up Book (National Geographic Action Book, pounds 10.95)

10. The Xenophobe's Guide to the Aussies (Ravette Books, pounds 2.50) by Ken Hunt

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