'IN Tunisia last week, while wearing my Rarotonga Banana Court Bar T-shirt, I spotted a Tunisian wearing a scruffy top emblazoned 'I love Montana women'.' With this single sentence, Mark Goodwill, of Beckenham, takes an apparently unassailable lead in this column's T- shirt chic competition.

For sartorial good measure, Mr Goodwill even throws in a sock story. Unlike Malcolm Senior, who a fortnight ago sat by helplessly while his clothing was flown around for two days by British Airways, Mr Goodwill has a lucky lost-luggage saga to relate.

'On my return from the Cook Islands,' he writes, 'I changed airlines at Los Angeles, but somehow my luggage didn't' His bags made their own way to Gatwick, while Mr Goodwill found himself at a chilly Heathrow with only a Rarotonga T-shirt and shorts.

Air New Zealand, with whom his luggage had stowed away, gave him a free cab home, while British Airways 'delivered my bags free of charge to my house within a few hours of me arriving from the other side of the world'.