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MIKE ROBERTS, managing director of Heathrow Airport Ltd, writes to say he was 'disappointed' by my comments on the new parking arrangements at the airport. I had complained at the fact that the long-term car park had been shifted to an inconveniently remote part of the airport while what was formerly long-term parking has now become much more expensive 'Business' parking.

In my experience putting 'Business' or 'Executive' in the name of anything simply means that companies try to offer the same service for double the former price (see airlines' Business Class and hotels' Executive Rooms).

Mr Owens writes in defence: 'The three business car parks at Heathrow offer the time-conscious traveller a guaranteed transfer time of 15 minutes to any of the terminals in executive-style coaches.' (Why only 'executive-style coaches', one wonders, why not genuine executive coaches?)

'Research results confirm that users of Heathrow's car parks have recognised the improvements that have been made over the last two years,' concludes Mr Roberts. I wonder what research questions were asked to arrive at that sort of result.