Travel: Family fortunes

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STILL more advice from readers on taking a holiday with another family (The Traveller, 24 July and 7 August). Corinda M Carnelley of Dulwich, south London, says she has taken two successful gite holidays with friends and one 'disastrous' one (of which I should like to hear more). 'The most important thing is personal space. Make sure that everyone has space in which to do their own thing, keep their seaweed collection, and where it won't be touched or interfered with.' (Why on earth would you want to go on holiday with anybody who collects seaweed?)

'We have found that it is quite successful to go our separate ways in the morning and meet up in the late afternoon. After communal rock-pooling, swimming and sandcastles, we go back to the gite. Half the group feeds the children, the others mix the Pimm's and get the barbecue going. The children are bathed, fed and put to bed, while the adults spend the evening enjoying a leisurely meal.'