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ARE THERE any French radio stations worth seeking out on the car radio, asked Anne and Les Goodwin of Fife (Independent Traveller, 23 April), who are planning a driving holiday in France this summer.

Mrs C Lewis has a 'superb' station to recommend, if the Goodwins are arriving in France at one of the Breton ports. 'On 102 FM - not far from the UK Classic FM slot - they will have the pleasure of tuning in to 'Radio Europe 2: Frequence Rennes sur cent- deux'. It is magnificent listening, with a good melange of both English and French music, old and new, plus news and the rest. It gives a flavour of France,' she writes.

'We listen to it all the time on our frequent visits to our French house, to which we intend to move to as soon as possible. Back here we miss Radio Europe 2 no end.'