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RICHARD FISHER, of London, says he, too, is cross about the moving of Heathrow's long- term car park (27 November, Independent Traveller). 'The time taken to reach it, either by car or airport bus, makes it extremely inconvenient. Nor is it signposted in sufficient detail to make it easy to find one's car, even when you have a note of the area and row in which it has been left.

'May I recommend an alternative. Flyaway Car Storage (081-759 1567/2020) will meet you at whatever time you tell them you will be arriving at your departure terminal. They then drive your car away and look after it until you return. On return, after clearing immigration and customs, a phone call to Flyaway will bring your car to you within 20 minutes.

'They tell you exactly where they will meet you, are extremely reliable and courteous, and offer a valet service. At certain highly unsocial hours you may be asked to take the car to their depot, from where they transfer you by minibus, but I have not had to do that myself as yet. Unfortunately, they do not operate at Gatwick.'

As for the claim by Mike Roberts, managing director of Heathrow Airport Ltd, that 'research results confirm that users of Heathrow's car parks have recognised the improvements that have been made over the past two years', Mr Fisher writes: 'I never believe those reports that say, 'Customer research has shown . . .'. I have never been asked for my opinion, and I have yet to meet anyone who has.'

Flyaway charges pounds 7.50 a day up to six days and pounds 5 a day thereafter. Minimum charge is pounds 21, including VAT. This compares with pounds 24 for 48 hours at Heathrow's 'business' parking and pounds 14 for 48 hours at the normal (out-of-the-way) long- term park.