SCANDINAVIA appears to be a happy hunting ground for Independent buyers (Independent Traveller, 2 October). Michael Drake of Milton Keynes got a copy of the paper from Vito, 'a small newsagent-cum-greengrocer in Tromso, 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. They have between 40 and 60 foreign newspapers available daily.'

Christine Block of Woodbridge, Suffolk, says she bought the same day's Independent at Oslo Central Station at lunchtime: 'We were impressed.' Clodagh Wilkinson of London recommends the Prince kiosk in Copenhagen's Town Hall square for a same-day copy. Kathryn Chinn of Munich gets her same-day copy of the paper before lunchtime in the Munich suburb of Schwabing: 'One wonders if one would be able to find a same- day copy of the Suddeutsche Zeitung in a newsagent in a suburb of Birmingham.' (We can't comment on suburban Birmingham, but Italian sports fans in London are well served: Fags and Mags in Golden Lane, EC1, offers a same-day La Gazzetta dello Sport from 8am.)

Mr A C Preston of Stockport visited the newspaper stall near the Star Ferry in Hong Kong and discovered not only a copy of the Independent ('priced at pounds 2 sterling') but also a copy of the Manchester Evening News.

A nomination for the most expensive copy of the Independent to be bought abroad comes from Philip Towell of Boston, Lincolnshire: 'The Hotel Preboltiskaya in Moscow is selling the Independent for pounds 6, which is stretching our loyalty a bit]'