FURTHER to the problems of getting the seat of your choice on a flight, P Rayner, of West Hendred, Oxfordshire, complains that, not only does he never get his chosen seat, but he also never receives his requested vegetarian meal.

'I ask when I book holidays and flights, I ask when I check in, I ask when I get my seat - and when the meals are served. It is always difficult, 'they' never know anything about it and it is always someone else's fault - the catering company, the tour operator, the airline etc . . .'

Personally, I've given up asking airlines for vegetarian meals since I'm not sure which is worse: asking for a veggie meal and not getting it, or requesting a meal and being given something that our hamster would refuse.

Airlines have funny ideas about what vegetarians will or won't eat: they assume you won't eat butter, chocolate or bread, and eliminate anything that might have nutritional value. What you usually receive is a mixture of bean sprouts and grated carrot with a sachet of dressing. Forget the meal and fill your pockets with Kit-Kats at the airport.