THE Apple Booking Company specialises in airport add-ons to package holidays: arranging transport and airport accommodation and offering pre-paid parking. Selling through travel agents, it often comes up with deals such as a coach and hotel package from Milton Keynes to Gatwick for pounds 30.75.

Its manual for travel agents is impressive - until you get to the section marked Sales Tips. It cites 'an enterprising agent', who has an unusual approach: instead of asking a customer whether car-parking is required, he just includes it. The manual suggests the following sales patter: 'OK Mr Cook, that will be pounds 750 for your holiday and pounds 45 for car-parking'. Given that fewer than half of all passengers park at the airport, this is a little cheeky, rather like adding the price of a coffee to a restaurant bill whether or not you ordered it. If the customer protests that he is not going by car, the manual adds, 'an opportunity arises to sell coach- or rail-inclusive packages'.