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A likely story; "Let Kula Shaker, INXS, Boyzone and more show you around the world" - MTV press release
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From the beachballs of Holiday to the hip sunglasses of Rough Guide, holiday programmes have to drag you by the scruff of the neck away from the joyless rainy suburbs and deposit you in exotic locations worldwide. MTV World Tour takes the innovative approach of depositing the viewer on an entirely new planet: MTV world.

MTV world is a homogenised world of jump-cuts, (not so) Steadicam and a spaghetti of different film stocks. Dizzying and dazzling and roughly about nothing, it's an experience which can only be described as "intense".

In the main section, presenter Dan Roland explores the complex world of Cuba, where the last bastion of communism rubs suntan lotion into the shoulders of exploitative tourism. Dan comes to the conclusion that this is a bad thing.

The programme travels to India to share the insights into Delhi of the lead singer of Kula Shaker, Crispian Mills. "Welcome to smelly Delhi," he says. Crispian concludes that Delhi is "intense".

In Israel, the model looks of Christof, a German backpacker, are given the full black-and-white treatment as the film crew follow him on his "Fab Fortnight". Christof climbs trees and does some work with fish and chicken on a Kibbutz and gets drunk a lot. By the way, Christof reckons Jerusalem is "intense".

The MTV World Tour accomplishes in half an hour what the UN has spent fifty years fumbling towards: it levels out all cultures.

MTV World Tour will be broadcast every Saturday, Sunday and Monday for the next five weeks

Anthony Thornton