Travel: So farewell, then

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SADLY, this is my final column: you will be relieved to hear that you will no longer have to gaze upon the strange countenance that has lurked ominously at the top of this page.

Being travel correspondent of the Independent since the paper started almost eight years ago has provided many wonderful experiences. But without doubt the most enjoyable of all has been the spirited correspondence from You, The Reader.

Over the years your letters have covered everything from the Things You Miss Most About Britain On Holiday (public toilets and Radio 4) through to Great Package Holiday Disasters, car ferries to North Africa, resuscitating hamsters, the identity of Paul Simon's 'Kathy', why pilots tell the cabin crew to cross check, and much, much more.

I am moving to a Sunday newspaper (three words: begins with 'M', ends in 'y') and from next Saturday this column will be written by Simon Calder: keep the letters coming.

So, as the aeroplane of life prepares for landing, I would like to thank you for travelling with me at this time and I hope to see you all again in the near future. Cabin crew, set the door controls to wistful and cross check.