Bargain of the week

Fourteen years ago, the magazine Business Traveller was urging readers to take advantage of a bargain-price, bucket-shop ticket to Rio on British Caledonian. The price for the arduous three-stop journey was pounds 655. But for the next two months Journey Latin America (0181-747 3108) is offering a non-stop flight on British Airways (which swallowed up BCal) for just pounds 599. The same price applies to the more distant destinations of Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. The cost of the ticket even includes air passenger duty which hadn't been thought of in 1982.

Visitors' Book

The Aerodrome, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Air Zimbabwe needs some competition. Delays without explanations cause frustration and waste tourists' precious time - Illegible, Australia.

Bumpy ride, nice people, lovely place - Woodward family, Sussex.

I fell in love with the animals. Unfortunately they were all married already - Tony Schwartz, USA.

Fantastic experience. People and places were great, and the flight is on time - Monney family, Switzerland.

Delays and confusion. Staff very pleasant. That's Africa - G Howell, Harare.

Trouble spots

Advice from our source at the Foreign Office:

Malaysia: "An epidemic of mosquito-borne dengue haemorrhagic fever is affecting certain areas of the country. The disease spreads rapidly, so backpackers should be careful when staying in low cost accommodation in densely populated areas. Carry insect repellent at all times."

Pakistan: "Increasing terrorist activity has lead to over 70 deaths since April. Terrorist targets are said to include public transport, markets, shops and hospitals, so be alert when visiting these areas."

Zambia: "Tension has risen over recent weeks due to political unrest, so travellers should be very careful at least until the end of the elections in October."

South Africa: "Tuberculosis is on the increase, with up to ten people reportedly affected by the disease every hour. Knowledge of the disease and correct immunisation are essential."

Mexico: "Crime against tourists continues to rise. Carry essential money and credit cards only, use radio or 'Sitio' taxi cabs, travel in groups and use the roads in daylight only."

Sudan: "The south of the country should be avoided due to a cholera epidemic. 700 have so far died and a further 1,800 cases of the disease have been reported."

For more information call the Foreign Office on 0171-238 5403. FO travel advice is displayed on Ceefax, page 564 onwards and can be accessed on the Internet on