Our Christmas travel quiz once again provided a terrifyingly stiff test for readers' mental faculties over the festive period. The quiz was a cunning mixture of the easy-peasy and the fiendishly difficult. A few of our real posers floored just about everybody.

These included the question on where How Green Was My Valley was filmed. Most of you guessed the Rhondda Valley; in fact the location was neither green nor a valley, but a back lot in Hollywood where the director, John Ford, built his idea of a Welsh mining village (and populated it largely with expatriate Irish).

Which Greene film, we asked, was set in Ireland? The film Odd Man Out, directed by Carol Reed, was written by F L Green. His lack of an 'e' meant that the correct answer was 'none'.

The question on Demolition Man puzzled all but a handful of you. San Angeles embraced Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara.

Many readers were at pains to point out that while Genevieve began with the London to Brighton vintage car run, it ended with a Brighton to London race - we accepted both Brighton and London as answers.

No one got all the questions right. The person with the greatest number of correct answers was Jenny Pendreigh of Edinburgh, who wins a seven-night trip to Hollywood for two, courtesy Virgin Holidays and Virgin Atlantic.

Jenny Pendreigh says it was her husband, Brian, who did most of the hard work. 'He has some film books and spent a lot of time studying them. He knew he hadn't got all the answers right. I'm absolutely delighted at winning - I've never even won a raffle.'

In second place was John Westbrooke of London NW2, who wins a three-night break for two in Rome with The Magic of Italy.

The 10 runners-up, who each receive the new video of the Clint Eastwood film Unforgiven and a copy of Frank Barrett's Family USA (published by Boxtree) were: S Allanson of Liverpool; Michael Allen of Norwich; Anne-Marie Baker of London W4; Mary Bernard of Cambridge; Roger Coote of Exeter; Eleri Ebenezer of London W4; Ann Jenkins of Exeter; Barrie MacDonald of London N6; Rob McNeish of Abingdon; and Chris Pollard of St Albans. Congratulations to all of you, and commiserations to the losers.


Transports of delight

1. The Boat

2. Bus Stop

3. The Cars that Ate Paris

4. Taxi Driver

5. Girl on a Motorcycle

6. Subway

7. Stagecoach

8. Airplane]

9. The Train

10. Bicycle Thieves

British intelligence

11. Yorkshire

12. Castle Combe

13. Lavender Hill

14. Iberia

15. Southsea

16. Brighton

17. BBC Radio

18. Marylebone

19. Brighton/London

20. Hollywood

Euro vision

21. Odessa

22. Munich

23. Paris

24. The Spirit of the Beehive

25. Snowden in Catch 22

26. And God Created Woman

27. Zorba the Greek

28. St Marc

29. Cornelius Ryan: A Bridge Too Far and The Longest Day

30. The former Czechoslovakia

World premieres

31. Thailand

32. Bangkok

33. Felicity Kendal

34. Peter Falk

35. Morocco

Pacific heights

36. James Michener

37. From Here to Eternity

38. Heaven Knows Mr Allison

39. Java

40. Pitcairn Island


41. Our Man in Havana

42. Brighton Rock

43. The Fallen Idol

44. The Third Man

45. The Comedians

46. The Quiet American

47. None

48. The Heart of the Matter

49. The Honorary Consul

50. Stamboul Train (also called Orient Express)

New York, New York

51. High School of Performing Arts in Fame

52. Macy's

53. The Dakota

54. On the Waterfront

55. A subway ventilator grille


56. Baltimore

57. Jimi Hendrix

58. Philadelphia

59. Chicago

60. San Diego, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara

61. Santa Barbara

62. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC

63. Memphis

64. Los Angeles

65. Qantas

66. John Wayne

67. Bloomington

68. Bedford Falls in It's a Wonderful Life

69. Pomona

70. Del Coronado in San Diego

Way down south

71. Costa Rica

72. Bolivia: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

73. Iguazu

74. Cuban

75. FitzGerald

76. Caracas

77. The Sundowners

78. Victoria

79. North

80. Kakadu