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CHARLOTTE FARMER of Derbyshire, who is taking a year off before going to university, asked for help in finding a travel companion (Independent Traveller, 2 October).

Stephanie Rose of Kibbutz Representatives (081-458 9235) says that if Charlotte is prepared to spend at least two months as a 'working visitor', then she could not do better than spend time on a kibbutz in Israel. 'She will have the opportunity of participating in an alternative lifestyle while being part of a group.'

By chance, Robert McMurtry of Derbyshire is leaving next week for Israel to work on a kibbutz (and is happy to take Charlotte along with him]). If Charlotte is not keen on a kibbutz, he suggests two other possible sources of travel companionship: Odyssey International, 21 Cambridge Road, Waterbeach, Cambridge CB5 9NJ, and - also recommended by Mrs M Thompson of Solihull - Travelmate in Bournemouth (0202 600370). Both companies try to find suitable travelling companions for a fee. More information can be found in Work Your Way Around the World by Susan Griffith (Vacation Work, pounds 9.95).

Colin McFadyean of London suggests that Charlotte Farmer should visit the Travellers' Bookshop (25 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ, 071-836 9132), where a big board in the basement has several notes from people looking for a companion for world travel.

Bridget A Harvey of Essex recommends getting in touch with the Globetrotters Club, which gathers in the Friends Meeting House at 52 St Martin's Lane, London WC1, on the second Saturday of every month at 3.30pm (The Globetrotters Club, BCM Roving, London WC1N 3XX).

The new bi-monthly magazine Wanderlust will have a regular section for people seeking travel companions. Further information from Wanderlust, PO Box 1832, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5YG (0753 620426).