"The so-called relaxation of border controls within the EU seems to be entirely at the whim of the countries concerned, or at least that of the border guards. I have been ordered in the past to report to the local police station in Italy for not carrying my "papers". When I duly arrived with my passport in hand, I found a gaggle of equally bemused British citizens" - William Bathgate, Barnes.

"Airport taxes here in Asia are increasing rapidly... 25 per cent in Thailand to 250 baht (pounds 7), a massive 100 per cent in Malaysia to M$40 (pounds 10.30)." - Alan E Smith, Thailand.

"Goa is still the gem it always was, although how long this will last is debatable; I would urge your readers to check that the hotel where they are staying is 'eco-friendly'." - Alexandra Reece, Shropshire.

"Sub-Sahara/Sahel: there is an outbreak of meningitis in this area, and northern Nigeria is particularly badly hit." - B Cain, Middlesex.

"Almost every body of fresh water in the African continent poses a serious health hazard [through bilharzia] to anyone who bathes, swims, works or plays in it." - Dr Richard Dawood, Fleet Street Travel Clinic.

"Don't miss the Old Turkish Town, still superb despite a lot of destruction. One word of warning: the camel ride on the Gugusum beach is a two-minute flat scam" - Michel L Roger, Massawa, Eritrea.