For those who love St Anton, staying in the lively village itself is half the fun. The other half is the splendid, high, super-snowy ski area. But you can have one without the other and if, like me, you view your evenings more as avant-lit rather than apres-ski, there is a lot to be said for St Christoph. You can eat and drink well here without feeling that you are expected to do anything more energetic. You have a choice of routes into the Galzig skiing: one of the world's smallest cable-cars or else a two-drag sequence. The home slopes are less prone to slush and ice than those of St Anton, and you have slightly quicker bus or car access to the even snowier ski areas of Zurs and Lech, covered by the ski pass. There is only one drawback: high prices. Not all the hotels are as pricey as the stratospheric Hospiz hotel, but St Christoph is not a budget destination.

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