Until 24 May


'Unrestrained and provocative interaction' is on the menu at Artgenda, a month-long programme of mixed arts involving 300 artists from 16 cities in northern Europe. Artgenda promises to take patrons to new destinations in rock, jazz, new music, dance, theatre, visual arts, design, fashion, architecture, film, video and poetry. Originating in Copenhagen in 1996, the plan is to bring the exhibition to one of the Baltic Sea cities every year.

4 May

Cambridgeshire, UK

One of the more pungent Bank Holiday events this year promises to be the cheese-rolling championships in Stilton, Cambridgeshire. About 4,000 cheese-lovers turn up for this May Day celebration which also includes May Pole and May Queen events. The course runs 50 yards between the old coaching inns of Stilton, with knockout races held all day. The triumphant cheesemeister takes home a 50lb lump of stinky, blue-veined dairy produce.

6-10 May


Live jazz among the ruins of an old fort, against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea - this isn't the dictionary definition of paradise, but the setting for St Lucia's 7th Annual Jazz Festival. Pigeon Island will be hosting outdoor concerts featuring stars such as Thelonious Monk Jr, The Jazz Crusaders, Grover Washington Jr, and Herbie Mann.

9-10 May


International experts in the art of stuffing flowers in a vase converge on the Monte Carlo Casino gardens for the 31st International Flower Arranging Contest. The contest is divided into nine categories including modern, classical, and men only. Also showing is an exhibition of garden design with glam jardin furnishings on sale, affording visitors the chance to make their herbaceous borders fantastic for summer.

9-10 May

N E Thailand

During the Bun Bang Fai festival, villagers all over the North East of Thailand will be crafting huge skyrockets out of bamboo and firing them into the air with the hope of inviting rain to the rice fields for planting season. The rocket festival is at its most explosive over the villages of Yasothon, Ubon Ratchathani, and Nong Khai, with ground-level celebrations incorporating folk dancing, theatre and beauty parades.