Singapore Airlines Terminal 3

Independent Travel Awards 2015 - your chance to nominate

Aviation is the arena where the most progress seems to be made. FlightRadar24 allows an astonishing degree of insight into what planes are where at any moment of the day or night - fascinating for those engrossed with the mechanics of travel, invaluable for people grounded at Gatwick and wondering where their plane might be.

Singapore airport continues to lead the world in many aspects of making aviation more civilised, and the airport’s app is a simple but effective guide to making the most of SIN - and ensuring you don’t miss your flight. It also has a shopping guide, and emphasises that sales tax is not charged on any purchase in the airport - whether you are travelling or not.

For a company that once rubbished the power of the world wide web, Ryanair is to be applauded for playing catch-up well - with its new app matching the best that other airlines offer, and including the valuable feature of on-device boarding passes, removing the tedious necessity to print out a paper copy.