India: Visitors should be aware of travel touts who will try to persuade them that it is safe to travel to the state of Jammu & Kashmir. No matter how convincing these touts appear to be, their advice should not be followed. We strongly advise against travel to this state. There is a serious risk of kidnapping, and there have recently been bombs targeted at trains and buses to Jammu and incidents in Jammu itself.

Businessmen [sic] considering a visit to Jammu & Kashmir should consult the British High Commission in New Delhi - Foreign Office Travel Advice Unit.

The road from Ahmedabad to Bombay has the worst accident record in the world ...

At the kite-flying festival in Ahmedabad, the strings are coated with ground glass to cut loose opponents' kites. English Wine Shops in India sell neither wine nor anything made in England; the term refers to the sale of Indian-Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) - excerpts from `Travellers Survival Kit: India', published next week by Vacation Work.

Pakistan: Although the situation in Karachi has improved since 1995, killings between rival political groups, sporadic street violence, random shootings and intermittent general strikes prevent the city from functioning normally.

Use armed escorts where necessary in Baluchistan and Sindh.

In 1996 there was a series of bombs in Lahore and Punjab generally, including one at Lahore Airport - Foreign Office Travel Advice Unit.

Sri Lanka: Colombo is facing a population explosion of cats and dogs and officials are helpless to deal with the problem. The Daily News of Colombo reports that thousands of stray animals are being protected by the city's inhabitants, strongly against the prospect of the animals being killed, but they are not being vaccinated or properly cared for.

Bhutan: The nearest consular office is in Calcutta, medical facilities within Bhutan are limited and medical evacuation is difficult - Foreign Office Travel Advice Unit.