Trouble spots

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Israel and Cyprus: We recommend that when visiting either Israel or Turkish Cyprus you ask the immigration authorities to stamp a separate piece of paper, rather than the passport itself. Should you already have an Israeli passport stamp and wish to visit an Arab country, or a Turkish Cypriot stamp and wish to visit Greece or Greek Cyprus, you may need to get a new passport.

Italy: In most countries the "old-style" green driving licence is still valid. However, if you plan to visit Italy you should exchange it for a "new-style" pink licence if time allows - or obtain an International Driving Permit.

Mexico: If you are travelling to Mexico with your child, and your child's name is different from your own (ie, if you are remarried or unmarried), you must contact the Mexican consulate (0171-235 6393) to obtain and carry special documentation.

Turkey: An entry visa charge of pounds 10 per person is payable in sterling on arrival.