Antisocial practices around the world
Sweden: "Like other cold and sparsely populated countries, Sweden faces serious concerns about alcoholism. An estimated 300,000 of the country's 8.5 million people drink so consistently that their health is in danger, according to the Swedish Institute. Strollers in Stockholm's squares on Saturday mornings dodge pools of vomit left by Friday night's carousing crowds." - AP

Australia: "The most popular pastime in Australia is giving other people a hard time. If there are no Poms around, they resort to picking on each other. It's just the way they are, bless 'em." - TNT Australia and New Zealand Travel Planner, free by sending an A5 sae with a 55p stamp to TNT Travel Planner, 14-15 Child's Place, London SW5 9RX.

Saudi Arabia: "Anyone involved in a commercial dispute with a Saudi company or individual may be prevented from leaving the country pending resolution of the dispute." - Foreign Office Travel Advice Unit (0171- 238 4503)

Lebanon: "Last Tuesday, an irate driver opened fire on a bus carrying Japanese tourists in eastern Lebanon, sending at least one bullet through the rear window of the bus. No injuries were reported. Susan Abed, a guide on the bus, said the shooting was the result of 'a dispute over the right of passage' on the road." - AP