John Cleese as Basil Fawlty, whose hotel is a byword for poor service / BBC

The report said that 'legendary British politeness' was lacking

Basil Fawlty once proclaimed: “A satisfied customer! We should have him stuffed” and a recent piece of analysis suggests that gratification may well be difficult to find after a stay in a British hotel.

According to analysis by German company, who combed over the results of more than six million reviews on their website, UK hotels are ranked lower for staff “friendliness and expertise” than any other European country, with the exception of Russia.

Staff in the country received a rating of 7.92 (out of 10), comfortably outside of the European top 20 and paling in comparison with nations such as Germany, which scored of 8.59 and Finland, the European country with the highest rating, on 8.62.

London was also the worst performing European capital, scoring 7.73. Budapest was rated the best capital city for service, on 8.58.

The German company said: “For many years now we have observed a considerable increase in positive evaluations in respect of the quality of service.

“However, if the traveller is expecting the legendary British politeness the actual result is less than satisfactory.”

It did add that a number of British cities were to thank for the rating not being even lower.

Sheffield was the best rated city for service in the UK with a very rating of 8.62 while Leeds and Bristol, with respective ratings on 8.41 and 8.36, were in second and third.

Coventry was even lower than London with 7.38 and the website said: “It is possible that some guests here would even welcome the first hotel run by robots.”

Top 10 countries in Europe in respect of friendliness and expertise of the hotel staff:

1. Finland – 8.62

2. Germany – 8.59

3. Austria – 8.57

4. Hungary – 8.53

5. Slovakia – 8.52

6. Poland – 8.52

7. Switzerland – 8.49

8. Portugal – 8.45

9. Sweden – 8.44

10. Croatia – 8.42

Top 10 cities in the UK:

1. Sheffield – 8.62

2. Leeds – 8.41

3. Bristol – 8.36

4. Cardiff – 8.31

5. Edinburgh – 8.25

6. Liverpool – 8.20

7. Glasgow – 8.18

8. Manchester – 7.95

9. Leicester – 7.75

10. London – 7.73