This York-wide celebration is the largest event of its kind in Europe and runs throughout half term from 14-22 February. Featuring a huge programme of events, it’s both educational and exciting. Kids can take part in a Viking Warrior Challenge, learn abou

From Harry Potter to vikings, and CBeebies Land to a special children's Question Time

This is probably the least predictable half term in terms of weather. Some Februaries, you get bright blue skies and some warmth in the sun. Other years, February can be cold, bitter, grey or rainy. Sometimes it even snows. None of this make it easy to plan family days out.

Also conspiring against parents at this time of year is the fact that many of the UK’s attractions aren’t even open for business yet, with some waiting for March, April or May before they open their doors to the public.

But fear not. Our round-up has something for everyone, whatever the weather. Some of the days out are exclusive to half term itself, with festivals and events specific to the middle week of February. Meanwhile, some are things you can do all-year round.

Worried about the cost? We’ve ensured there’s a mixture of free events, as well as paid-for ones.