Katy Holland: Head off to the Isles of Scilly

Are we there yet? The Isles of Scilly are the UK's warmest and most southerly point
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Who fancies the Isles of Scilly next year? Lots of you, that's who. If my inbox is anything to go by, cash-strapped families across the country are planning to head for the UK's warmest and most southerly point, hoping for a subtropical holiday without having to go abroad.

First, there's Simon Laurence, who wants to know whether the islands are a good place to take his kids camping. The answer is yes, so long as you thoroughly waterproof your sprogs beforehand. (We spent two weeks in the Scillies in August and I'm still drying my boys out.)

The best campsite – and this is a secret, so please don't spread the word, Simon – is Troytown Farm (01720 422360; troytown.co.uk) on remote St Agnes, which costs from £9 per person per night in high season. Think home-made ice cream, sandy beaches and rocky coves, not to mention a gloriously family-friendly pub nearby.

But if, like mum-of-three Jay Liddle, you fancy something a little more upmarket (ie with a roof), scillyonline.co.uk has some well-priced accommodation options, including secluded cottages and family hotels. Better still, check out the Flying Boat Club, which opened last year on the isle of Tresco (tresco.co.uk): a clutch of stylish beach houses with an indoor pool, spa, bar and restaurant. Prices start at around £1,375 a week for a house sleeping six.

But the Scillies aren't just for summer. How about a break out of season? Skybus has just announced a new winter flight programme from Exeter to St Mary's (ios-travel.co.uk) with return fares at £215 (£140 for children). Check out its new short break package deal with accommodation at the Boat Club, too.

Winter in the Scillies? That's not such a bad idea. It's still the warmest place in England, even when it rains.