Ready for an Indian summer in the UK? The most popular beach destinations

Bookings to Eastbourne have increased by 112% since last year, but the most popular remains to be Blackpool

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As September draws to a close it seems we aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to summer just yet.  Experts have predicted that the good weather in the south and south east is set to continue until the end of the week with temperatures hitting 21C by Friday.

Recent figures from Expedia show a growth in bookings for UK beach holidays in the last 90 days for September and October in comparison to last year. Their figures indicate there’s been a stark increase in bookings to Eastbourne in particular where visitors will be able to access two-thirds of the 144-year-old pier which is reopening next weekend after the fire only two months ago.

The most popular destination remains to be Blackpool where holiday goers can visit the iconic tower, and of course Blackpool Pleasure Beach theme park.

Scarborough has also seen a huge increase in bookings, where South Bay beach is known for the tide rarely reaching the promenade, providing an untouched area by the sea.

As the warm weather won’t be leaving our shores anytime soon, where are the best places to sneak in a quick beach getaway to? Here are the overall most popular beach destinations for September and October from Expedia.