A separate list was compiled for Greater London, which found Bexley DA5 to be the best commuter area

Swanland, near Hull, has been found to be the best commuter town, according to the Family Hotspots Report 2014 by Family Investments. The study looked into towns within 15 miles by rail or road of major cities, and then evaluated the average price for a two bedroom property, the median annual salary, as well as education and crime figures.

With the average price for a two bedroom property costing £185,202, Swanland’s average price of £167,413 helped it to reach first place. The education system has an astonishing 80 per cent of pupils receiving Key Stage Four A*-C grades. This is above the average national figures, which come in at 53 per cent.

Second placed Cheadle, near to Stoke-On-Trent, had an average house price of £125,329 which was significantly cheaper than the national average. Parents in Cheadle can expect to spend 14 per cent of their salary on childcare, compared to the 19.6 per cent national average. Crime per Capita in Cheadle came in at 0.10, below the national average of 0.25, but not low enough to beat Swanland’s 0.07 figure.

Due to the high cost of properties in London, commuter towns within London did not make the list, although a study focused on London found that within the Greater London area the DA5 postcode of Bexley ranked number one, with a 0.14 Crime per Capita figure and 97 per cent of pupils passing receiving A*-C at Key Stage Four.

Best places to commute: Greater London

1. Bexley DA5

2. Banstead SM7

3. Epsom KT17

4. Rickmansworth WD3

5. Sutton SM3

6. Sutton SM1

7. Kingston Upon Thames KT5

8. Sutton SM2

9. Bexley DA16

10. Bexley DA7​