Why I Love: Scottish silence

Fiona Phillips, broadcaster
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We go to the Isle of Mull almost every year on our family holiday. Just getting there is a bit of an adventure, taking the ferry over. It's so peaceful, a bit like New Zealand in Scotland. There are deserted white beaches, and you sometimes see sharks and dolphins. Sheep and Highland cattle are everywhere, beautiful creatures you can wander among – although last year my eldest did contract a tick.

It's difficult to pack for – you need winter clothes, too, even in summer – but you can wear wellies and jumpers all day, with no need to dress up. It was where my husband and I first went away together, as a couple; it's where I made my decision to give up presenting GMTV. You can really get away from it all there. Having said that, we did once have the excitement of seeing James McAvoy when he was staying at the same hotel as us!

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