Karlotta is a Gypsy caravan with a bold and elegant Moroccan-influenced decor that makes it unique, fascinating and exotic. As if that isn’t romantic enough, it’s located in a wildflower meadow just below the Eildon Hills, with its very own lochan and jet

From a Gypsy caravan, to a fairytale stone tower

Whether you want a romantic day out, a naughty night away somewhere secluded or a dreamy weekend at one of Britain’s top hotels, our round-up of recommended Valentine getaways for 2015 has something for everyone. After something a bit different? There's a gypsy caravan, a fairytale stone tower and even a youth hostel (yes, it is still romantic).

We’ve thought of every budget too, from unforgettable options that will cost you absolutely nothing (except your train fare or petrol to get there) right through to decadent destinations that you might need to save up for.

Left it too late for Valentine’s weekend itself? Or don’t fancy getting away when every other lovestruck couple seem to be out and about too? Don’t panic – why not tell your partner on the day itself that you’ve booked it up for a future date. The anticipation will make it all the more memorable.


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