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Church of St Issui the Martyr, Partrishaw, Gwent

Beyondwords; God given - Anon Beautiful and smelly - Anon

Why, oh why, in this numinous place has wretched polished marble been allowed to intrude in the churchyard? Quite criminal. And there's a power point on the front of St Issui's altar. Is that a pun? - Phil, York

Worth the effort of getting lost. An ambience all of its own - Anon

Spooky or what? - Dominic, London

St Mary, the parish church in Bibury, Oxfordshire

Nice Church, but do something about the flies. A beautiful, small part of history

- Heather and Mark, Northampton

We loved the stained glass

- Jim and Becky, Seattle

One thousand years of faith; peaceful, and the colour of walls just right

- John, Chorleywood

Married in this church in 1979 and returned to give thanks - Mary, Lincolnshire