The plane lost control and nose-dived towards the pairs parachute / Youtube

Skydive instructor Forest Pullman was eventually able to stop the parachute from spiralling towards the ground

This is the moment two sky divers in Thailand narrowly avoided a fatal fall after their parachute was caught by the propeller of an out of control aeroplane.

The footage captured on skydive instructor Forest Pullman’s GoPro, begins as a skydive like any other, with Pullman jumping out of the plane strapped to a thrill-seeking tourist.

However, just seconds after the pair exit the cabin, Pullman notices that the plane they have just left has lost control and is heading straight for their parachute chord. Unable to steer the parachute out of the plane’s path, the video then shows the horrifying moment the its propeller clips the parachute and sends the skydivers spiralling towards the ground.

Having to act quickly, Pullman tussles with the chord until he is eventually able to bring the parachute back under control and stop the pair from spinning.

Pullman then guides the parachute safely to the ground, with the tourist completely unaware of how close she came to losing her life.

The heart-stopping video happened last October but was only up-loaded onto the internet on Friday.

Since being uploaded, the video has gone viral with over 400,000 YouTube users viewing it.

Commenting underneath the video, Pullman wrote: “The pilot dove the airplane 180 degrees right at me and my tandem passenger. how we got so lucky?!?! Not sure.”