Watch: Underground ravers turn Northern line tube carriage into makeshift club

Among the revellers was a half-naked Roman warrior

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The London Underground has provided transportation for many beleaguered party-goers over the years, but rarely has it been the venue for the party itself.

That is what happened on a Northern Line train over the weekend when an unidentified group of revellers decided to convert one of the train’s carriages into their very own club.

While the lighting might have been a bit brighter than Fabric or XOYO, the "carriage club" with all the other things you would expect at your standard London club, with a burly bouncer and a man in charge of the party’s guest list both present.

The party also had a strict “no drugs policy”, with the passenger that filmed the club scene being refused entry on suspicion of trying to carry drugs into the venue.

Among those to be seen enjoying the party included one man “dad-dancing” at the back with a large bottle of champagne and another half-naked man dressed as a Roman warrior with helmet, shield and sword in hand.

The video has gone viral since it was posted on YouTube on Saturday night, with over 300,000 people watching the footage.