PAUL R HUDSPITH of Nottingham says that it is all very well our printing articles every week recommending places to visit. In his opinion it would be more useful to provide a guide to places to leave well alone.

He kicks the ball off with his own no-go destination: Spitsbergen. 'Spitting distance from the North Pole, it is probably the most northerly landing place for a 737 in the world. Getting there is straightforward but expensive.'

But having suggested leaving the place well alone, Mr Hudspith then provides comprehensive details on how to get there and where to stay. 'From Tromso there is a scheduled Braathens Safe flight taking 90 minutes. A midweek return is a cool pounds 350 but pounds 210 is all you pay if your stay includes one Saturday night. We stayed at the youth hostel which I would recommend to readers of all ages. The huge smorgasbord breakfast buffet should see you through virtually a whole day.

'The summer lasts roughly through July to mid August when temperatures can soar to 14C. When we were there (mid-September) the warmest weather was -7C - with no wind]'

Can anybody come up with anything more cheerless than Spitsbergen?