Until 20 July


Delacroix - Les Dernieres Annees, taking place at The Grand Palais, Paris gives art lovers a chance to see the collected works of one of the 19th century's leading masters of French Romanticism. This exhibition of 88 paintings and 33 drawings provides rare insight into one of France's most influential artists. For information and tickets, call Globaltickets on 0171 734 4555.

12 April-4 May


First held in 1604, the San Marcos National Fair in Aguascalientes is considered to be Mexico's best exposition. Expect the usual round of tequila, bullfights and an illegal but no less fervent outbreak of gambling, all centred on the town's pretty Jardin Romantico.

12-15 April

Thailand (above)

The Songkhran New Year's celebrations of the lunar year in Thailand are at their most enthusiastic in the northern city of Chiang Mai. Traditionally Buddha images are bathed, and the hands of monks and elders are respectfully sprinkled with water by younger Thais. The reality is an out and out water war. Good-natured but none the less zealous. Drive by shootings with pump action water pistols are the modern addition to this celebration which literally gives everyone a chance to cool off during the peak of the hottest season.

Easter weekend

dhra, Greece

Easter celebrations score the biggest party points on the Greek calendar, and nowhere more so than on the mountainous island of dhra. With some 300 churches and monasteries this is the prime Easter resort for candle lit processions, fireworks, feasting and "the burning of Judas" - an effigy stuffed with inflammable materials . The Lenten fast is traditionally broken early on Sunday morning with a meal of mayertsa, a soup consisting of lamb tripe, rice and lemon. Food-centred festivities continue throughout the day as the rest of the lamb is roasted on spits for Sunday lunch, and Greek Easter eggs (hard-boiled eggs painted red) are pitted against one another in a conker-like competition.

15 April


Hot foot it to the sacred island of Miyajima, one of the few places where the ancient art of walking over soldering embers is still exhibited, performed by monks in front of some of ancient Buddhist temples.