1-10 Aug The Inter-Celtic folk festival, held at Lorient in Brittany, attracts representation from all seven Celtic countries, with up to 250,000 people attending. The festival is the overriding reason to visit Lorient, with 150 shows in the five Celtic languages. Fierce yet friendly competition surrounds the events which embrace dance, music, and literature, and sportsmanship is probably aided by the continuous flow of Scotch, Guinness, and wines and ciders from and Spain.

Blackpool (right)

1 Aug-1 Nov The Grumbleweeds and Frank Carson, Blackpool's favourite comedy stars, are together in one show at Blackpool's South Pier.


1-14 Aug Kadayawan sa Dadaw is the Festival of the orchid, held in Davao. This exquisite little flower gets two weeks of celebration in its honour, drawing the attendance of highland tribal members in their best dress. There is dancing, singing, horse-fighting some ritual performances, and plenty of orchids.


1-17 Aug The Portobello Arts Festival remains one of the few free festivals in London, and has more of a community atmosphere than its ever sprawling Notting Hill cousin. Seventeen days of international music, theatre, film, jazz, R&B, world dance and performance poetry at a multitude of venues around Portobello Road. From Capoiera, to rap workshops, the range of events reflects the unique cultural diversity of the area.


1-31 Aug During this, the holiday month for Spaniards, everyone descends upon the country's coasts, and nowhere more so than in the elegant area of Santander. Throughout this month Santander is host to a jazz and international music festival. Do not expect to find lodgings anywhere - they will be taken up by young, and very trendy Spaniards partying their (very tight) trousers off.