5-6 April, Kiruna, Lapland, 90th Kiruna Games. Sweden's rich Nordic skiing tradition is on display during this sporting extravaganza. The Kiruna Games is the country's oldest organised skiing competition and one of the world's most established. Skiers and spectators from around the globe gather as the winter season begins to wind down.


Niagara-on-the-Lake, 4 April-26 October, The Shaw Festival. The shores of Lake Ontario spring to life as this acclaimed summer theatre kicks off its annual season, dedicated to the performance and study of the works of Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries. For information and tickets contact 001 905 468 2172.


6 April, Coca-Cola League Cup Final, Wembley Stadium, London. Last round in one of English football's biggest tournaments. Middlesbrough face Leicester. For information contact 0181 900 1234.


30 March- 22 May, Keukenhof Spring Gardens. Holland opens its gardens for the sensory delight of all. This horticulture exhibit occupies a 28 hectare park filled with millions of tulips, shrubs and trees.


1 April- end of May, Britain Meets the Bay. Americans and Britons gather to celebrate their common cultural roots and exchange unique traditions each weekend during this two-month celebration. Events and exhibits illuminate similarities and differences in areas such as art, literature, concerts, sporting events and commercial exhibits. Contact 001 415 274 0373 for details.


9 April, Nyepi Day (Day of Silence). The solar/ lunar New Year celebration of the Balinese Caka calendar. This holiday marks the beginning of spring and is observed throughout Bali as a day of stillness, to rid the island of evil spirits. There is no light used (electric or fire), no transport taken, and almost no one leaves their homes.


4-7 April, Oistins Fish Festival. Weekend celebration dedicated to the contribution which the fishing industry has made to this small island nation, where it is a essential sector of Barbadian commerce. The program includes competitions, such as angling and fish filleting, and assorted cultural displays, such as cuisine, art and dance, exhibiting the island's native culture and traditions. Contact 001 246 809 428 6738.


1- 4 April, Harrogate International Youth Music Festival, Harrogate. Young people from around the world gather here to display their talents and participate in workshops. This non-competitive collection of the world's finest junior talent offers dance, choir, orchestra and band recitals at various venues.