1 November


The London to Brighton Annual Veteran Car Run rolls around again. It is more than 100 years since the first one took place between Parliament Square in London and Madeira Drive in Brighton to celebrate the raising of the speed limit for "light locomotives" from 4mph to 14mph. The run starts at 7am, and a million people line the route each year. Call the Motor Sports Association for more details (tel: 01327 857273).

1-4 November


The Pushkar Camel Fair is one of India's most flamboyant festivals. This tranquil northern Indian town is, once a year during October's full moon, transformed for 12 days into a spectacular fair ground packed with 50,000 camels and 200,000 people. Pilgrims bathe in the holy waters of the Pushkar lake on full-moon night, and boats full of rose petals and marigolds are launched into the waters.

2 November


The Day of the Dead is a national holiday in Mexico on which people believe that relatives who have died will come back to visit their living loved ones. Families flock to cemeteries to set up altars of orange flowers and to make offerings, and children play with toys that incorporate skulls - here a symbol of new life not death. All-night vigils are common in several states, such as Michoacan, west of Mexico City.

2-6 November


The exhibition centre in Bucharest plays host to Romania's International Wine Exhibition which welcomes companies from Italy, Spain, France, and all over Romania itself - a country which has a fine viticultural tradition. Call for more details (tel: 004 01 223 1160).

7-15 November


The medieval city of Basel hosts the fourth TEFAF Basel, Europe's major arts and antiques fair with the finds of 120 leading dealers from 14 European countries. For more information go to internet site at http://www.tefaf.com.

5 November-3 January


Get an early festive fix at New York's Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular which kicks off this week. The Hall dominates 6th Avenue and 50th Street and is considered by many to be an Art Deco shrine. The spectacular is pure Americana, bringing together Santa Claus and the Rockettes.