See all of Holland in 25 minutes? Call in to the Holland Experience (00 31 20 422 2233) on Waterlooplein in Amsterdam, a multi-dimensional film and theatre show on Holland which gives your eyes, ears, nose and even fingers an insight into every part of Holland. Entrance is 17.50 guilders - about pounds 6.

For two guilders (and two hours) more, you can take a tour of Madurodam, the model village on the western outskirts of the Hague. The scale models of Dutch settlements are realistic, down to the presence of a prostitute perched in a window in the Amsterdam's red-light district. Reach the site by train from Schiphol airport, then tram.

See the Arsenal? Visit the underground wartime bunker outside St Omer in northern France which was originally constructed as the launch-pad for Germany's secret arsenal for the planned invasion of Britain. La Coupole (00 33 321 39 45 12) will open as a museum to wartime life in occupied France on 10 May. Admission Fr55.

Track down Britain's world heritage? Buy the map of official Unesco World Heritage Sites in the UK, from Canterbury Cathedral to Hadrian's Wall. It costs pounds 1.30 (folded) or pounds 1.70 (rolled) from the Friends of Unesco, 3 Whitehall Court, London SW1A 2EL.

Take a holiday with God on your side? Take a Christian holiday with a company such as MasterSun (0181-942 9442). The staff "firmly believe that all our hotels are in very special God-given locations, and that His ideas and purposes for these holidays are wide-ranging and far-reaching". Mediterranean destinations for this summer include Kos, Halkidiki and Bodrum.

Miss out on a last-minute charter flight? Turn up at the airport offices of the seat-only specialist Avro at Gatwick or Manchester. These have now closed down, so the opportunity for an immediate departures has, sadly, diminished. Avro's London office is still on 0181-715 1900.