Combine Peking with Perth, Seoul with Sydney or Tokyo with Townsville? Take advantage of the strong showing by East Asian airlines in the current UK-Australia fares war. For the past few years Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways have offered excellent fares - around pounds 600 return - from London to a selection of Australian cities via Tokyo or Osaka's new airport at Kansai (which celebrates its third birthday tomorrow). This winter, they have been joined by two new entrants to the cheap flights market: Air China and Korean Air. The lowest fare quotes are available through discount agents, rather than direct with the airlines.

Let the train take the bike? Book your bicycle on board a Great Western. The company that links London with South Wales and the West of England has cut the cycle fare from pounds 3 to pounds 1, providing you book at least two hours in advance. It has also installed proper cycle racks in its guards' vans. Call 0345 484950 for details.

Go east, non-stop, for less? Buy a ticket to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur today. Through discount agents such as Quest Worldwide, return tickets to these cities cost pounds 397 plus UK tax (pounds 10 until 31 October, pounds 20 in November). Free add-ons from Manchester are available. You must stay at least a week but no longer than two months, and book and pay for the ticket by close of business today.

Fly to a tropical location named Liberia? Given the present difficulties in the west African state of Liberia, a better bet might be the town in Costa Rica that bears the name. From May next year, Airtours (01706 260000) is organising holidays to Costa Rica, using charters from the little-known airport of Liberia. Schedules mean you have to stay for exactly a fortnight, which will cost a minimum of pounds 559 including room-only accommodation at the Hotel Coco Verde.

Track down London Bridge, 30 years after it was put on sale? Travel with The Long Weekend to Lake Havasu, Arizona, where a millionaire hoped to install Tower Bridge; in fact, he had bought the one upstream. Also: as thousands of US travel agents converge on Glasgow, an insider's guide to the city. Plus the chance to vote for the family holiday of the year in an exclusive Independent poll. All in the Travel & Outdoors section of The Long Weekend, next Saturday, 6 September.